Frequently Asked Questions

How does Fifty Squid work?

Our system is simple and hassle free.

1) Select your package

2) Tell us how long you'd like your video to receive your quote

3) Complete our simple brief submission form

4) Receive your draft in 7 working days

5) Inform us of any required revisions

6) Receive your amended video

7) Get results

Can I make changes to my video after I receive it?

Yes, we offer FREE visual amends with every video!

Most videos do require revisions. Visual revisions are free of charge if submitted within 10 days.

Confirmed script/voice over revisions are £50 + VAT per script within 30 days of draft delivery.

Visual revisions after the 10 days 'Free' period are priced at £10 + VAT per visual.

We keep editable project files on our system for 30 days, after this time, we can provide hosting to hold these editable files on our system should you wish to make changes later down the line.

Editable File Hosting is priced at £30 + VAT per video/per quarter.

Which video packages come with professional voice overs?

Professional voice overs are supplied with both our Premier and Premium package videos.

A voice over completely changes the dynamic of your video, with an implemented voice over; we don't have to display the entire script on screen, we can focus more on your imagery and animated visuals, further increasing engagement and impact of your video.

We use fantastic, professional voice over artists that can be heard on our submission form.

How long will it take for my video to be delivered?

We’ll have your video ready within 7 working days of payment, if you need us to write your script for, we'll have your video ready within 7 working days of script approval.

Here at Fifty Squid, We work Monday - Friday.

Will my video be branded to my company?

Absolutely! We always keep your video on brand. This way, it will place seamlessly on your website, social media or wherever you wish.

How long will my script need to be for a 30 second video?

We work to 50 words per 30 seconds of video.

This is an ideal, comfortable pace that gives your viewers enough time to digest information, whilst also providing enough time to display animation relevant to the subject on screen.

Can I use my own images in my video?

Yes! Simply upload them in the 'imagery' section of the form, you can upload up to 10 files.

Are our videos based on templates?

No, we build every video from scratch in a style similar to your branding, every video is unique and is designed to place seemlessly in your marketing campaigns, or on your website.

On our brief submission form there is a section where you can provided visual ideas for you project.

Will Fifty Squid branding appear in my video?

No, we never use our own branding in videos produced for our customers.

What's the difference between the video packages in a nutshell?
The main difference between the packages is the level of animation we provide.
So the Text Video is text based with complimentary stock animation.
The Voiced Video features a professional voice over of your choice, with complimentary text, composed of stock animation. The use of a voice over means we focus more on visuals, and there is less text on screen.
The Premium Video is fully animated, it gives us more scope to create a product that is as the customer requires, anything goes visually. We can even provide a storyboard, or work to your if you already have one.

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